The French House : Best Known Pub In London

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If you like to drink in places where the history's as important as the drinks list, the Grade IIlisted French House should be on your inventory. Charles de Gaulle utilized the pub as a workplace during World War II; Dylan Thomas and Francis Bacon both imbibe here ... the directory goes on.

The interior shows both the Gallic connection and its long standing in this most exciting of London regions. It's small, mementofilled, and so crowded when the place is busy. You may end up joining the regulars on the pavement outside, but that's just one of the purposes of the French House experience. Food is served during the daytime merely, and brew, famously, is served only in halves. This is Soho history. Come and suck it up.

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Accept credit cards
Wheelchair accessible
Free Wifi
Why it is Famous?

Compact bar hung with photos, where literary bunch promote wine to brew and hug the notech rule.

A fabulous and entertaining spot to raise a glass in London, the French House truly deserves its reputation as the best known pub in the world's naughtiest.

Busy, lively, friendly pub . In the heart of Soho provide good food and gigantic selection of drinkings. Street counters are a great ne addition



United Kingdom


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