Street Food

In this classification essays samples research paper, the product of the famous fast food franchise McDonalds will be studied. One of the symbols of the brand is well-known as the Big Mac sandwich. It is highly popular around the globe because it is nutritious and very tasty. One of the secrets of this sandwich is the special sauce, the recipe of which had been kept in secret until one of the cooks of McDonalds revealed it.
The original sandwich dough is made from a sesame-seed bun, plain bun, two beef patties, special sauce, the recipe of which will be given below, finely-minced onions, 1 slice of American cheese, dill pickle slices and lettuce. The sauce is made from mayonnaise, French salad dressing, sweet pickle relish, yellow mustard, white vinegar, sugar, garlic and onion powder and paprika (How to Make a McDonald's Big Mac, n.d.). All the ingredients are combined and together make up the legendary sandwich.
Nevertheless, sandwiches are not a common feature of the so-called “high cuisine” and are not usually a part of the expensive restaurant’s menu. However, ingredients used in the Big Mac are commonly used in other restaurant dishes. For example, beef is often an ingredient of many dishes of the second course, and the sauce, which was created by the McDonald’s cook, is used in salads. As a rule, people consider the “slow” food from restaurants healthier and do not notice that it is made from the same ingredients as sandwiches from fast food.
In this respect, in an expensive restaurant, the Big Mac would look like sliced bread, gently fried with some butter and flavored with sesame seeds, lettuce salad with minced onions, the sauce and grilled meat.

Why it is Famous ?

The so-called famous dish in honor of affordable cost and quick cooking. And it is always so. The results of ingenuity.


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