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The doughnuts are a variety of sweet snacks that are originated in the US. They are made in bakeries, confectioneries as well as can be homemade. They are a fried dessert food. They are ring-shaped, often seasoned with various elements like crushed candies, sugar, caramel or chocolate sauce.

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A hamburger is a type of burger which consists of some cooked patties of ground meat, usually beef placed inside bread roll or bun. These are often served with ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise and placed on sesame seed buns.

 The term Hamburger is derived from Hamburg (Germany’s second-largest…


In this classification essays samples research paper, the product of the famous fast food franchise McDonalds will be studied. One of the symbols of the brand is well-known as the Big Mac sandwich. It is highly popular around the globe because it is nutritious and very tasty. One of the secrets of this sandwich is the special sauce,…

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Peking Duck of China

Peking duck dish originates from the place of Beijing from the late imperial era. The preparation of roasted duck was prevalent in China since many eras and older dynasties.…

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India, being the hub of variation in colour and flavours, has an expertise in cooking crabs in various ways. The different states have a different taste in the cooking of crabs. However, the butter garlic crab is one of the trendy dishes.


Sushi is a popular dish that is originated from a Southeast Asian dish known as Narezushi. This dish basically includes fermented rice and fish. Presently it was highly modified and made famous in Japan.

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Gajar ka halwa, otherwise called gajorer halua, gajrela, gajar pak, and carrot halwa is a carrot-based sweet treat pudding from the Indian subcontinent. It is made by putting ground carrots in a pot containing a particular measure of water, milk and sugar and afterward cooking while at the same time mixing consistently. It is regularly presented with an enhancement of almonds and pistachios.…


This pizza is also known as the Naples-style pizza. The proper origin of Neapolitan pizza is the state of Campania in Italy. Italy is known for the origination of Pizzas which are now one of the very popular food all over the world.

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Massaman curry of Thailand

Massaman curry originates from Thailand. Originally, the dish was first found in the 17th century in central Thailand. This dish generally consists of meat, mostly chicken.…